When Kathi and I moved from Manhattan to the Hudson Valley, we also made a decision to change the direction of our business. We wanted our company to be a better reflection of our values, to contribute to the creation of the kind of community in which we, ourselves, wanted to live. So we decided to focus our energies on the needs of clients who shared our goals, clients whose work promoted education, the environment, cultural enrichment, and community development.

By concentrating on the needs of community minded organizations, we have developed skills our competitors lack. We are experts at doing more with less, at finding ways to cut cost without sacrificing quality. Our efforts to use recycled papers and reduced chemical inks make us stand out in a notoriously resource intensive industry. Finally, our personal commitment has translated into personalized work. We do not produce one size fits all design. We are professional artists and craftspeople who work with our clients to create materials suited to their precise needs. Our clients appreciate these qualities, returning again and again. And each time they do, they offer proof that good business practices and a vision of community are not incompatible. They are, in fact, inseparable.

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