“I love anything that ends with Pancakes” – Archie

First I have to give a little disclaimer. I am not a trained cook, I rarely measure to any form or accuracy, and I often fail.

I love to create in every aspect of my life. This includes food. My family and I have experimented with various recipes and flavors on all kinds of dishes, but none has been more fun than our constant variety of pancakes.

Every Sunday (and sometimes in-between) we have pancakes. Most of the time they are for breakfast, but occasionally they are for a savory lunch, or unique dinner. For years I have allowed my children to choose an ingredient for the pancakes at random. Like a contestant on “Chopped” I would have to figure out how to incorporate the chosen ingredient into the pancakes I was making. So far, the picks have been from the normal strawberries, bananas and chocolate, to the odd of smoked salmon, cheese burgers, and curry.

I hope you will enjoy my experiments and offer your own for me to share.