We work non-stop to meet our clients' every need.

We work non-stop to meet our clients’ every need.

Todd Poteet
Creative Director

A graduate of the Pratt Institute, Todd handles client relations for Pen & Ink and oversees most projects. He is experienced in the full range of web, event, and package design and has served as a consultant on projects ranging from business cards to interactive media. Like Kathi, he has worked for a variety of corporate and nonprofit clients including Dutchess Building Specalists, the Scenic Hudson, and the Vassar Brother’s Medical Center.

When he founded Pen & Ink in 1993, Todd aimed to establish a business that would promote community values even as it provided its clients with first-rate design products. To this mission he brings a firm grasp of both traditional and advanced methods of design. He is an accomplished illustrator who has contributed work to projects ranging from brochures to children’s books. In addition to his talents with pencil and brush he possesses creative expertise with the newest design software. Todd’s understanding of the range of materials available for design projects allows him to offer a variety of options to clients interested in minimizing the environmental impact of their business operations.

Contact him at: poteet@earthlink.net

Kathi Poteet
Art Director

Kathi is the principal designer at Pen & Ink, as well as a full partner in the firm. An award-winning artist, she can help the community-minded organization develop quality presentations for its products and services.

Since graduating from Cooper Union, Kathi has completed notable projects for a variety of clients. In addition to corporations such as Revlon, she has worked for nonprofit and educational organizations including the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of the American Indian and the Discovery Channel. Her work for the latter has earned her particular praise. While employed by Jessica Helfland’s Studio, she helped design the Discovery Channel Online web site. Her contribution received special mention when the site won the Second Design Competition for Interactive Media and the only Gold Medal in new media awarded in 1996 by the New York Director’s Club. As well as taking the lead in an occasional Pen & Ink design project, Kathi gardens, home schools our children, and continues to create her own fine art.

Contact her at: kpoteet@xheight.com

In Memory – Archibald Frederick (“Archie”)
Head of Morale

Archie came to Pen & Ink in 1995 as an intern and quickly made himself indispensable. His warmth and goodwill inspired Todd and Kathi in their work, and his enthusiastic greetings delighted their clients. He will be missed.